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IPB 3.1 , 3.2 3.3 and 3.4 Forum Designs.

Let us Skin your Invision Power Board Forum

  Bullet Skin Bullet

Bullet is a simple yet well thought out design using great color combination's and graphics combined with nice touches like rollover effects on the header navigation buttons. A perfect style for any site!

Azel Skin Azel

Azel is a tastefully and creatively designed package. From it's attention grabbing header section to it's cheerful and pleasing colors, this is a design that is certain to please members and visitors alike!

Novera Skin Novera

Novera is simply incredible! Versatile design elements plus creative features that are plain to see and packed with our trademark custom images. Novera a unique opportunity to impress! Comes with two color variations - Red and Blue.

Euphoria Skin Euphoria

Euphoria is what you and your member's will feel viewing this beauty! Awesome colors and graphics combined with a very unique layout will be sure and set your site apart from the rest of the herd!

Aficionado Skin Aficionado

Aficionado is just like it's name. A cool, steel blue look with subtle touches combined with great graphics make this style a winner for any genre.

Skilltest Skin Skilltest

Skilltest is another in our line of completely unique designs for IPB. A dark design with blue, red and green highlights. Stuffed with custom images and design features such as rollovers on the header navigation buttons. Truly a perfect style for a gaming or clan site.

Battlegear Skin Battlegear

Battlegear is unlike any skin out there for IPB. Dark yet colorful. A customizable sidebar and header with links for all your game genre's or ladders...or anything you want to go there. We're sure you'll agree this is one wicked skin!

Covenant Skin Covenant

Covenant is a smashing "gaming" skin based on the popular Halo for xBox. Pain-staking attention to detail was paid on this design and it shows! With a striking color base and easy to edit graphics, this skin can easily be adapted to all sorts of gaming genre's should one choose...and will definitely set your site apart from the rest!

vRocking Skin vRocking

vRocking tops the charts here as the most popular. We can see why with it's great graphics, unique layout and custom flash header...we're sure you'll agree it's one of the best skins available anywhere!

Redrunner Skin Redrunner

Redrunner is one sick skin! Customized from top to bottom all the way down to customized IM icons to match the skin. We know you're gonna love this one!